how to rollout software releases safely


In the modern software continuous delivery practices canary deployments is one of the most adopted strategic tactic which reduces the risk involved with releasing new software versions.

In canary style deployment, idea is that you’ll deploy new release version in parallel with its Stable version and then you start diverting traffic to new version in small increments, in between you can configure custom checks (manual or automatic) to test the new software version and finally, you divert complete traffic on new version and delete old version.

In this blog, we are going to cover canary style deployment for distributed micro…

By: Harpreet Singh — SRE and Platform Engineering

There are different means through which you can manage DNS records for your private services. You can use a single domain name to serve both internal and public records, different domain names for each, a hybrid DNS configuration in which you control DNS resolution based upon the origin of DNS query, and various other options. Which pattern you should choose depends on your use case and goals.

We have settled on a DNS configuration method known as dual-home DNS (also known as split-view DNS or split-horizon DNS). This enables proper name resolution…

Harpreet Singh

SRE and Platform Engineering @ | Sydney | Australia

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